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Welcome to the website for Shefford & District Angling Association Ltd.


SDAA controls the fishing rights on several excellent lakes and premier stretches of the rivers Great Ouse, Ivel and its tributaries in and around Bedfordshire, all available on a single club ticket.  The wide choice of venues and species available cater for both pleasure anglers and specimen hunters


In recent seasons, SDAA’s fisheries have produced an enviable list of specimen fish (catfish over 60lb, carp over 30lb, pike over 25lb, barbel over 14lb, zander, bream and tench over 10lb , chub over 7lb, perch over 4lb and roach over 3lb).


Please explore our website to find details of all our waters, membership and other useful information.  The popular ‘News from the Bank’ section gives up to date information on catches and club news.  For a quick overview of SDAA waters and membership have a look at our current flyer (click here to open).


Membership of SDAA is open to all:

  •  annual membership is available from early May and is valid until 15th June the following year (i.e. up to 58 weeks fishing).

  •  there is no additional joining fee for new members

  • membership also entitles you to fish Ivel Protection Association waters.

  • optional night permits are available for those wishing to night fish The Airman, Broom Lake and Willington Lake.


If you require further information please contact Richard Bell (tel. 07594 253239 or click here to e-mail).

Broom Lake Track now open 5th May 2018 

There has been a spate of rule breaking reported to the SDAA committee in recent weeks.  Before fishing any SDAA water, all members are expected to sign the Member’s Declaration on p1 of their membership to confirm they have read all the rules and that they will abide by them.  The vast majority of members do take time to read their book and abide by the rules.  However, there appears to be a minority of members who do not bother to read the rules and feel they can do whatever they want. 
Everyone caught breaking the rules is reported to the SDAA committee who will decide if the first offence merits expulsion, a temporary ban or no further action and the member will receive a letter to confirm the committee’s decision.  Anyone reported to the SDAA committee for a second offence can usually expect to have their membership withdrawn with no refund of their subscriptions.
 Recent examples of rule breaking include:  using 3 rods during the day at Broom Lake, where there is a 2 rod limit at this time of year;  leaving a venue for several hours whilst their tackle is left in a swim; not being in possession of their club book and/or rod licence whilst fishing; being aggressive towards bailiffs asking to check their membership books.  Leaving litter including beer cans (no alcohol is allowed on SDAA waters) is a recurrent problem.     


The SDAA website is kindly sponsored by Andy’s Angling, 19 High Street, Shefford SG17 5DD (click here to open a map to Andy’s)

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Broom Track status OPEN

Airman Pit

Willington Lake